Advanced Group Coaching

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Advanced Group Coaching

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10 CEs (9 hrs of online education, and 1-hour consultation with Dr. Clare Steffen by phone or webinar)

Course Content:  

  • Foundations: The World, Behavior, and Group Dynamics
  • Foundations: Stages and Multicultural Dimensions of the Work
  • Foundations: Theories of Group Process 
  • Skills Development:  Assessment and Specialized Leadership Skills
  • Skills Development:  Group Dynamics, Techniques, and Structure 
  • Application:  Coleadership and Critical Incidents
  • Application & Advanced Group Structure:  Difficult Group Members
  • Advanced Group Structure:  Adjunct Structures, Social Justice, and Social Action
  • Social Responsibility Through Coaching
  • Social Entrepreneurialism and Coaching 

The dynamics of a group are extremely powerful and can have a stronger impact on clients than working one on one.  Groups create a place of support, and the ability for the client to address isolation by feeling connected.  For a coach, managing a group can be very challenging not only because of the dynamics but because of the multiplicity of issues that arise in a group.  It takes skill and expertise to effectively run and manage a group.  This course will provide you with the necessary insight and skills to develop your own group and focus on your area of specialization in coaching.  From the foundations of group coaching, through skills development, application, and advanced group structure, this course shines the light on the inherent power of groups.  Alongside, creating another revenue source for your practice, leading groups offers you and your client the opportunity for growth and development of skills that would not be addressed in your one on one coach sessions.  Develop your group coaching skills and explore methods for application in coaching that are tailor made to fit your practice.  Make a social contribution by creating and providing groups that incorporate advanced techniques and promote social responsibility in coaching.

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