A Specialty Designation:Executive/Business Coaching

A Specialty Designation: Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach

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A Specialty Designation: Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach

10-Board Approved CEs ~$229.00

Special Offer to add the 4-HR Ethics Course at a Discounted Rate

14-Board Approved CEs~ $329.00

Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching $129.00 $100.00

Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coaching  + Ethics Course $329.00

Course Content:

  • Connecting to Executive: Choice Intelligence
  • The Corporate Culture
  • Beyond Business as Usual
  • Assessing, Developing, and Supporting Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs Need Coaching
  • Sustainability and Outsourcing
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Management Styles
  • The Dilemma: Building Strong Cohesive Teams and Independent Thinkers
  • Multidirectional Thinking in the Work Force

An Executive/Business/Leadership coach is tasked with supporting individuals who carry heavy loads and responsibilities.  These individuals need you to do more than just ask open-ended questions. They need you to challenge their development, support their growth, and help them create visionary and sustainable choices.  Ultimately, it may serve to influence and inspire them to create new positions for themselves or others, experience identity changes, or find a path that enlightens and empowers.  The corporate environment is ever changing, subject to outsourcing, downsizing, and many other unstable situations that can evoke stress or loss.  In this 10-hour course, you will learn strategies to guide your client to develop and utilize their choice intelligence.  You will explore assessment techniques to bring clarity, explore motivation, and expand personal and professional development with your client. Providing your clients with an individualized approach to coaching will bring closure to support gaps and assist them in experiencing healthy empowerment, which will result in bringing clarity around their choices in their life and work environments. We can also assist them in making sustainable career choices that will allow them to thrive.  Use the Choice Intelligence method to teach them how to expand and develop their personal and work choices, connect to a learning-based approach to choice, use power and proficiency in making a choice, and to create sustainable choices. Change requires new learning and maintaining health, stability, and continued learning is required in an effort to bring about successful outcomes. The techniques and evidence-based approach in this course will provide the necessary keys to success and tools that will assist you in helping your client transform and change their lives.

30-Hour Specialty Designation: Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coaching for Board Endorsement~ $500.00

Complete the 10-hour course plus 3 hours of consultation (to discuss and review the required 30 hours of client experience) with  Clare Steffen,  Ed.D., BCC  for the remaining 17 hours which may be obtained in one of two ways:

Plan A
Conduct three profiles by utilizing the assessments provided in the course or any other assessments of your choice, and review the findings complete with recommendations during our consultation time,
Plan B
Use the remaining 17 hours in program and practice development to prepare your specialty service, career coaching within your practice.
The required 30-Hours of client experience for this specialty must be completed and documented before endorsement and verification can be provided.  Either of these plans would provide the necessary training to meet the board requirements for board verification and endorsement.  
A Specialty Designation: Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership 30 HR Training for Board Endorsement
30-Board Approved CEs~ $500.00
Special Offer to add the 4 HR Ethics Course at a Discounted Rate
34-Board Approved CEs~$600.00

Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching $129.00 $100.00

Executive/Business/Corporate/Leadership Coaching + Ethics $600.00

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