Become a Sustainability Coach

Become a Certified Sustainability Coach

Sustainability Coach 1 (30 Hours of Training)

Complete the following courses and received a $97.00 discount for enrollment in this certification program:

  • Basic Sustainability Coaching (10 hours)
  • Applied Sustainability Coaching (10 hours)
  • Specialty Designation (life, wellness, career, or business/executive)

30-Hour Program $600.00

Sustainability Coach II (60 Hours of Training)

Enroll in this certification program and receive a $275.00 discount

60-Hour Program $1100.00

Plan A:

  • 30-hours for Sustainability Coach 1
  • Cognitions of Choice (25 hours)
  • Ethics (4 hours)
  • “A” Game Coaching (1 hour)

Plan B:

  • Sustainability Coach 1
  • Specialty Designation (life, wellness, career, or business/executive)-30 hour training

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