Philosophy, Core Values, and Coach Training Areas

Distance, Face-to-Face, and 1: 1 Board Certified Coach Training

CE4coaches is affiliated with Coaching Choice College and is dedicated to offering continuing education program that promote choice for both the coach and the client.

Philosophical Foundation:  New Choice Thinking offers an integrative coaching approach utilizing cognitive-behavioral, neuro-psychological, and natural health methods.  The foundation of coaching is based on advances in the fields of cognitive-behavioral psychology, education, neuro-science, behavioral medicine, and wellness.  It shares the theoretical roots of existential psychology, choice/control theory, information processing, and social and emotional intelligence.  Building on the best from each of these schools of thought; the coaching approach incorporates the advantages of “social networking.”  This holistic approach to coaching allows for the complex and multi-faceted manner in which people communicate in today’s world.  Taking into considering that we live in a global society, with multi-cultural influences in which communication occurs instantly; coaching efforts must adapt to the broader spectrum.  As the lines of communication become blended the opportunity for change increases.

Choice Coaching Areas:




Business & Executive 

Career Development

Core Competencies

Core Values


Critical Thinking

Cultural Competency

Diet & Nutrition

Designing Personal Relationships

Education/Skills Building



Healthy Living Choices


Organization & Development

Team Building

Social-Emotional Intelligence 

Victim-Defined Advocacy 


Personal Life-Choice

Neuro-Diversity Coaching 

Sobriety & Recovery 

Spirit Building


Life Transitions & Transformation

Victim-Defined Advocacy

Veteran Re-Entry


The field of coaching is dynamic and continues to grow and develop.  As an organization, we are committed to continued growth and development.  Please visit our parent company website to learn more about the core values and strategic direction of our organization.