Coaching to the Core~ 10 Hour Course

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$229.00 (4 Board Certified CEs): 1-hour webinar or 1:1 phone session and 9 hours in Choice College (our online education learning system)  

Every individual has a unique identity, set of values and way of being.  When we establish a coaching relationship that offers personalized coaching, we connect to the individual at a core level that relates to what the person values so we can assist them in connecting to what makes them thrive.  Providing this deep level of coaching can make the difference between a successful outcome, and a disconnect in which the individual leaves coaching early or never begins.  We have an opportunity to provide services that create choice, and sustains life changes that matter to the individual.

The Board Certified Coach is required to master these specific areas of knowledge within the field to be considered an expert.  This course covers the required competency areas and will teach you how to put down roots in the following core areas: 

  1. Screening and Orientation in Coaching
  2. Fundamental Coaching Skills
  3. Assessments in Coaching
  4. Coaching Approaches for Individuals
  5. Coaching Approaches for Business and Organizations
  6. Ethical and Professional Practice in Coaching

Learning to view each of these areas of competency as they inter-relate to you and your client, will provide a perspective that allows you to connect to your client at a core level, and make a deep and meaningful connection.  Mastering each of these skills areas will provide you the metaphorical garden in which to grow and develop a sustainable coaching practice, that delivers the core connection that clients seek. There is an old proverb that states, “More grows in the garden than what the gardener sows.” Coaching to the Core will allow you to get to the root and establish a healthy connection to your clients and provide them the tools they need to plant the seeds for new choices to blossom and grow.

Coaching to the Core is offered through Zoom the first  Friday of each month at 10-11  AM (PST), or schedule a 1:1 phone session with Dr. Seffen to complete 10-hours of CE training (9 hours online and 1 hour in webinar or 1:1 session).  For further information, please call Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., CADC II, ICADC, CNHP, CMH, CNHP, CMH Enroll here or go to enroll: call 541-221-3408  for further information. 

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“A” Game Personalized Coach Training

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$50.00 per call (1 CE credit per training session)  

Individual coach training and planning sessions with Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., CADCII, ICADC, CNHP, CMH, NCC, BCC, to examine any areas of the core competencies, coaching practice or business development, and professional training and development. Learn about the Core Values assessment and coaching, and Family Coaching as areas of specialization, as well as all our programs supported in Facebook and Twitter.  Want to understand what style your brain prefers when new information is presented so you can better personalize your coaching?  Take the free Core Values Assessment and the Brain Profile (for a nominal fee), and individualize your approach to coaching by providing a higher degree of choice.  Want to learn more about assessment and be able to administer the Wellness Self-Awareness Scale, Creating Confidence Thinking, or others developed by Dr. Clare E Steffen?  Scheduled your session today!  Each 1-hour session will provide one hour of CE training.  

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Ethics: The 4-Hour CE Requirement Course

Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching: $129.00

Call 541-221-3408 for further information  (1 hour Webinar or 1:1 phone session and 3-hours in Choice College our online education system) 

This course is designed to meet the 4-hour credential eligibility requirement or renewal for Board Certified Coaches.  This course is offered via a one hour webinar or personalized phone session and is supported in Choice College our online learning platform (to meet the remaining three hours of required learning).   Explore your Ethical Intelligence, learn 5 simple rules for an ethical practice, and how ethics is intertwined within the core competencies.  All six areas of Core Competencies will be covered in this course.  Looking to establish a solid foundation for your coaching practice, this course will help you achieve this goal!  Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching is offered through WebEx the second Friday of each month at 10-11  AM (PST) or through a scheduled  one hour 1:1 session with Dr. Steffen, and 3-hours of education in Choice College to complete 4-hours of CE training.  For further information please contact Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., BCC  through or call 541.221.3408


The building of human rights will be one of the foundation stones on which we would build, in the world, an atmosphere in which peace could grow. Anna Eleanor Roosvelt
The building of human rights will be one of the foundation stones on which we would build, in the world, an atmosphere in which peace could grow. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.


“My first experience with was when I took an ethics class as part of my ICF credential renewal.  I received way more than I expected for a very reasonable price.  I enjoyed the class and the materials, not to mention Clare Steffen herself, so much that CE4coaches was at the top of my list when I needed some specialty training.  Highly recommended.”

~Barbara Silva, MA, PCC, BCC

President & Co-Founder, Academy of Coaching Cognition