Fundamental Ethics & Core Courses

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CE4Coaches offers several different ways in which you may accrue continuing education for certification renewal:

  • Distance Learning
  • Face-to-Face
  • 1:1 Tele-sessions

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You will be provided a CE Certificate to provide the board verification of your training.

Areas of Continuing Education for Coaches: 

  • Brain-Based Coaching
  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Choice Coaching
  • Cognitive Coaching
  • Core Competency Coaching
  • Cultural Competency Coaching
  • Family Life-Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Life-Choice Coaching
  • Neuro-Diversity Coaching
  • Recovery & Sobriety Coaching
  • Social-Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Specialty Designation Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Sustainability Coaching
  • Trauma Coaching
  • Victim-Defined Advocacy Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching

Distance Learning:

Our distance learning courses provide monthly Cornerstone Courses and Webinars.  CE4coaches provides you more with opportunities to further enhance your knowledge, build skills, and enhance your coaching practice while meeting your CE board requirements. Our Live Webinars offer you the ability to learn from Dr. Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., NC, CNHP, CMH, CADCII, ICADC, NCC, BCC in the comfort your own home or office.  All webinar sessions are followed by Q & A to provide time to personalize your learning. Dr. Steffen is also available by email to answer further questions.  All courses over 1 hour in length are supported in Choice College, our online learning system.  All you need is a computer and a telephone, to enjoy gathering your CE units in this way!

Monthly Cornerstone Courses: 

Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching $129.00

Call 541-221-3408 for further information

This course is designed to meet the 4-hour credential eligibility requirement or renewal for Board Certified Coaches.  This course is offered via a one hour webinar or a 1:1  phone and is supported in Choice College our online learning platform (to meet the remaining three hours of required learning).   Explore your ethical intelligence, learn 5 simple rules for an ethical practice, and how ethics are intertwined within the core competencies.  All six areas of Core Competencies will be covered in this course.  Looking to create a solid foundation for your coaching practice, call today!  Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching is offered through Zoom the second Friday of each month at 10-11  AM (PST), or schedule a private one-hour phone session to complete 4 hours of CE training.

Coaching to the Core: $229.00

Call 541-221-3408 for further information: Core Competency Coaching: 

This course provides a 10-hour training and ensures that you offer an ethical coaching practice that is grounded in the competencies of our profession.  Coaching to the Core will allow you to get to the root and establish a healthy connection to your clients and provide them the tools they need to plant the seeds for new choices to blossom and grow.  This course is offered via webinar (1 hour) and is supported in Choice College (9 hours) our online learning platform.   Coaching to the Core is offered through Zoom the First Friday of each month at 10-11  AM (PST), and in Choice College to complete 10 hours of CE training.Specialty Designation Coaching-$229.00 

1:1 Tele-sessions:  $50.00 per 1-hour tele-session, Call 541-221-3408 to schedule 

“A” Game Coaching  

Dr. Clare E Steffen provides individual web and tele-training to assist you in developing your coaching skills, philosophy, approach to coaching, or build your practice.  Why work in isolation when for a nominal fee you can receive advice from an expert.  Want to learn more about assessment and be able to administer the Wellness Self-Awareness Scale, Creating Confidence Thinking, or others developed by Dr. Clare E Steffen?  Scheduled your session today!  Each contact hour will provide you with one hour of CE training.  To arrange a personalized session, please contact her at or 541.221.3408.

30 & 60 Hour BCC Training Programs:

  Please visit and to learn more about our CCE board-approved training program.  Training toward BCC certification must be completed using a CCE- Approved Board Coach Training program.   CE4Coaches is a division of Coaching Choice College.

Specialty Designation Courses

  • Business/Corporate/Executive/Leadership Coach Designation
  • Career Coach Designation
  • Health & Wellness Coach Designation
  • Life/Personal Coach Designation

These courses provide the required 10-hour or 30-hour training necessary for certification or renewal in each area of designation.  These courses are offered through webinar sessions and are supported in Choice College our online learning platform.  See the site pages on specialty designations for further information.

Advanced Core Training Program (125 Hours)
Level 3 Training Program (125 hours):  $6000.00  

This training program incorporates the 60 hours of advanced choice coaching training (Level 2), plus the development of a specialty niche training of the student’s choice (as displayed on the 60-Hour Training Programs page).  The student may also choose to pursue either of the two focused approaches shown below:

Core Value Coaching (CVC): Core Values Coaching is specific to using the Core Values Index in coaching for individuals, couples, and in business coaching.  This assessment tool can be used for relationship and team building.  For more information see:


Face-To-Face Training

CE4coaches is able to accommodate group learning and design programs that are tailored to your group needs. We have a brick and mortar location at:

C/O Coaching Choice College

405 A St. Ste. #21

Springfield, OR 97477


CE4coaches can also come to your location! We periodically host conferences and live seminars on a
variety of topics. For more information please contact us at or the phone number listed above.

We look forward to supporting your ongoing education and learning and desire to provide
excellence to life, wellness, and business coaching.

Thank you for choosing CE4coaches
and making an intelligent choice!