Applied Sustainability Coaching

Call:  Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., BCC 541-221-3408 today for further information: 

$129.00 (4 Board Certified CEs): 1-hour webinar or 1:1 phone session and 3-hours in Choice College (our online education learning system)  

Applied Sustainability Coaching Content

  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Resilience Theory
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitions of Choice

Individuals, couples, families, as well as organizational environments, seek sustainability.  Lasting endurance mixed with the ability to maintain a consistency, wellness and integrated holism epitomizes sustainability.  Assist your clients in becoming mindfully present intrapersonally, interpersonally, and inter-relationally to engage on a conscious level.  Offering your clients an organized thinking and decision-making system will provide them the opportunity to create choice at a conscious level.  Teaching your clients a brain-based approach to learning within each environment to which they relate will support the development of resilience, wellness, and sustainability coping.  Clients frequently  engage a coach to seek to assist in creating a new life plan and to change direction in life.   Assist your clients  in changes courses and help them create a sustainable life map.

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