Social Entrepreneurial/Responsibility & Recovery Courses

An Expansive and Global View:  Race, Culture & Trauma in Coaching Addiction ~ 4 CES $129.00  

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This course offers a 4-hour training (1-hour phone or webinar session and 3-hours in Choice College, our online education learning system). The concepts of race and culture are frequently used interchangeably, which falsely represents large groups of people.  On an individual basis, it can distort service delivery, and result in the perpetuation of bias.  Being able to distinguish between race and culture offers a first step in the provision of trauma-informed and sensitive counseling.  Approximately ten percent of Americans report being in recovery and require assistance maintaining sobriety.  Approximately 23.5 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol and these numbers continue to rise.  Unfortunately, there are many gaps in service delivery, and frequently a medical model or westernized medicine doesn’t adequately address all the needs.  Counseling may serve an important role in closing the gap.  Counselors can clearly provide an important service that allows some individuals or their families to become educated on issues of race and culture and their influence on trauma and addiction.  Having an increased awareness and a step-by-step approach to treatment will allow counselors to contribute and provide trauma-informed and sensitive services.

CE4Coaches & Coaching Choice College’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Nepal Youth Social & Emotional Intelligence Empowerment Group

Coaching Choice College collaborates with in the mission to bring social and emotional intelligence to every corner of the globe.  Following the devastation of the earthquake in 2015, Dr. Clare Steffen connected to the youth people of Nepal in an effort to reduce anxiety, provide support, and hopeful encouragement.  This Facebook group continues to grow, and the young people of Nepal are learning how to apply social and emotional intelligence, and understand more about their powerful abilities within their brains, by receiving a personalized explanation of their brain and talent profile.