A Specialty Designation: Wellness Coaching Course

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A Specialty Designation: Wellness Coaching Course

SO CA and OR Coast Summer and Fall 2016 035

A Specialty Designation: Wellness Coaching 

10-Board Approved CEs~ $229.00

Special Offer to add the 4-HR Ethics Course at a Discounted Rate

14-Board Approved CEs~ $329.00

Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching $129.00 $100.00

Wellness Coaching + Ethics Course $329.00

Course Content:

  • Wellness and Prevention, The Perfect Compliment
  • Holistic Coaching
  • Assessing Wellness
  • Blending Wellness Coaching within Healthcare Companies
  • A Four Dimensional Axiology Approach
  • Eastern and Western Thought Unite
  • Herbal Healing
  • The Essential of Wellness
  • Personal Power
  • Connecting and Monitoring Choice

Wellness coaches have the unique ability to work with clients in improving the quality of their lives across all dimensions.  As the field grows, there are more opportunities available to work in a collaborative manner with other allied health professionals and within healthcare systems.  Wellness coaches who provide services in private practice can offer an even broader range of services, and provide their clients with the full spectrum of wellness services.  Recent wellness models explore the lines where allopathic and holistic services meet but do not always clearly delineate how to effectively blend services.  Examining Eastern and Western thinking offers one piece of the puzzle.  Considering the four dimension’s axiology along with the underlying values that support wellness thinking complete the puzzle.  In this course, you will learn all the areas of wellness outlined above. You will be provided assess to Dr. Clare Steffen’s Wellness Self-Assessment Scale that can be utilized with your clients to measure their connection to mind, body, spirit, personal power, and their ability to monitor wellness choices.  Use of this assessment can assist you in focusing your approach and efforts in wellness coaching. The course reviews an array of approaches to prevention and maintaining holistic wellness through the use of herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, supplements, and other natural health methods.

This course provides 10-hours of CE and is supported via online education through Choice College.  You will complete 9-hours of education online and meet with Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., ND, CNHP, CMH, BCC for the remaining one hour via a tele-session, 1:1, or a group web meeting.  As a special offer, you will be provided the opportunity to enroll in the required 4-hour ethics course at a discounted rate if you enroll conjointly in this course.  The ethics course provides three hours of online education and a one-hour consultation with Dr. Clare Steffen.

30 HR Specialty Designation: Wellness Coach Course for Board Endorsement:

Complete the 10-hour course plus 3 hours of consultation (to discuss and review the required 30 hours of client experience) with  Clare Steffen,  Ed.D., BCC  for the remaining 17 hours which may be obtained in one of two ways:

Plan A
Conduct three profiles by utilizing the wellness assessment provided in the course or any other assessments of your choice, and review the findings complete with recommendations during our consultation time,
Plan B
Use the remaining 17 hours in program and practice development to prepare your specialty service, career coaching within your practice.
The required 30-Hours of client experience for this specialty must be completed and documented before endorsement and verification can be provided.  Either of these plans would provide the necessary training to meet the board requirements for board verification and endorsement.  

A Specialty Designation: Wellness Coaching 30-HR Board Approved Training for Board Endorsement~ $500.00

Special Offer to add the 4 HR Ethics Course at a Discounted Rate

34-Board Approved CEs~ $600.00

Ethics: The Cornerstone of Coaching $129.00 $100.00

Wellness Coaching + Ethics $600.00

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