Family of Choice Coach Training

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$129.00 (4 Board Certified CEs): 1-hour webinar or phone session and 3 hours in Choice College (our online education learning system)  

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Family coaching can assist families with developing, improving, or learning new ways to communicate.  Frequently, families get stuck in old patterns of behavior and need to learn to make new or healthier choices.  As a coach, you can be instrumental in helping families learn how to change old or unhealthy patterns.  Restructuring the family to incorporate equality, empowerment, “good listening skills,” plans for change, and a maintenance plan for changes made can be invaluable.  Using the stages of change model, cognitions of choice, and The Big Five of Healthy Relationships will provide you with the formula needed to guide families through change so they can learn to make healthier relationship choices.  Teaching negotiation, mediation, and arbitration can help families learn the techniques necessary to secure their future in a way that will allow them to remain healthy.  Family coaching is continuing to grow and develop, why not join this new and expanding aspect of the field and make a lasting contribution to society?

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    1. Nicole,
      I offer some courses for certified drug and alcohol counselors, and can do the same for counselors with NCC or LPC certification. I am in the process of applying to various boards for approval. Please email me at and we can discuss this further. You can let me know if there is a specific training you are seeking as well as the Family of Choice training, and I may be able to assist. Thanks for your interest. Clare

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